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Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Video Projection, Post Production Services


With over a decade of experience creating animation and visual effects for film, television, and the internet, Needmore Productions has gained a wealth of experience across a wide range of projects.


Using Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere) as well as Cinema 4D to design and animate logos, signage, ads, and elements, while keeping up with a solid foundation of typography, color, and composition, we create visually appealing, effective designs that get your project the attention it deserves.


Motion graphics can be used in a variety of contexts, including film / television production, advertising, digital signage, corporate communications, and social media. Creating engaging, dynamic visuals to help convey information is what we strive to do by combining elements of rhythm, design, animation, and storytelling to create visually striking, targeted visual media.



Turning your ideas into videos involves the process of organizing and refining recorded video footage to create a cohesive, targeted, final product. 

1. Setup the project by transferring and conforming the raw footage
2. Editing and arranging the video content with rhythm and flow to accentuate your message
3. Add transitions and visual effects
4. Edit audio and add effects to support the mood and message
5. Add graphics, titles, credits, animations, etc.
6. Export and Encode for delivery across the digital universe

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