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is the process of capturing audio or video recordings in a location outside of a studio or controlled environment for interviews, dialogues, or other audio elements in a location that is relevant to the subject matter of the recording.

Location recording requires a high level of technical skill and attention to detail, as the recording conditions are usually more challenging than in a controlled studio environment. Ambient noise, lighting, and the presence of unwanted distractions can all negatively impact the quality of the recording so the recording engineer must take these factors into account when setting up and operating the equipment.

Overall, location recording is an important aspect of audio and video production, as it allows for the capture of authentic, real-world audio and video that can be used to create more engaging and immersive content.


is the process of enhancing and refining the audio quality of a recording or mix. This may involve a variety of techniques, including equalization, compression, and reverb, to improve the overall sound of the audio.

Audio sweetening is typically done in post-production, after the initial recording or mixing process has been completed. It is often used to improve the clarity, balance, and overall quality of the audio, as well as to minimize any issues that may have occurred during the recording or mixing process, such as background noise or uneven levels.

Audio sweetening can be applied to a wide range of audio materials, including music, dialogue, and sound effects. It is an important aspect of audio production, as it helps to ensure that the audio is of the highest possible quality and is suitable for its intended use.

The process of enhancing and refining the audio quality of a recording or mix to create a more polished and professional-sounding final product is very important to the "watchability" of a video. You can have great visuals yet if the audio is bad, no one will watch. Needmore Productions has nearly two decades of experience with audio.


is a term to describe the process of adding sound effects to a film or video during post-production. These sound effects (known as "foley sounds”) are designed to enhance the realism and immersion of the audio track by adding sounds that match the actions and environments depicted on screen.

The process of creating these sounds involves a foley artist, who creates and records the sound effects. Using a variety of techniques and tools, such as props and special equipment to recreate the sounds of footsteps, fabric movements, or other actions on screen is important to "sell" the action occuring on screen.

The Foley artist will often work closely with the sound designer or sound editor to ensure that the Foley sounds are properly integrated into the audio mix and support the overall storytelling goals of the production.

Enhancing the realism of the audio track by adding sounds that match the actions and environments depicted on screen are typically subtle yet are an important part of any video. The viewer will only notice them if they’re missing, or done poorly, otherwise they subliminally support the action on screen and most viewers assume they are the actual production sounds captured during filming.

Needmore Productions has done foley, special effects, and ambient soundscapes for a number of productions.

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