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Andrew Brislin of Needmore Productions produces content to entertain and inspire connections between people, places, and products. Providing creative services for live events and a range of post-production services, we help turn your ideas into memorable light and sound filled experiences.

"While studying music and audio production at the University of Colorado I began toying with video production and editing. After graduation, I started Needmore Productions yet found myself working in a video production house editing videos, authoring DVDs and going on video shoots. With my own company I focued on more creative endeavors like music videos and artistic videos. This is how I got my first taste of event video projection. Around 2010, I began performing as a VJ (video jockey) using live video loops and projection mapping for music events and festivals. I also spearheaded a number of collaborative art projects involving video, sound, LEDs and laser-cut materials for festivals, events, and at Burning Man. All these experiences combined with my musical sensibilities mean that every project I take on is imbued with a creative spark and a rhythm meant to illuminate and inspire the viewer."

Needmore Productions is seeking collaborations with those looking to affect positive change in the universe or in your local community. Let’s create something together!

- AB